Decor Series : Indian Wardrobe Design

I have always been interested in interior designing or fashion designing but I feel I am not that creative and require a lot of extra effort to make some thing look really stunning !! You know the way you guys match a statement neck-piece with an outfit or heels with a dress so easily whereas I have to go through lots of inspiration pictures and trial - errors to actually make something unique workout. You get what I mean to say ?

Anyways lets shift to main topic. We are designing our new home and it involves lot of things to be considered. I would be making an online diary of the journey so that anyone who is in the same shoes as I am in now can benefit from this series or can suggest me some good ideas.

We are done with the outer structure and have started with selection of tiles and wardrobe designing.

Here are few inspirations from which I have designed my own cupboard. It is inside room, hence slider and medium sized. Though I wanted open doors but I think that is quite out of fashion also it consumes lot of space.
Design for bigger wardrobe

Another One

I require a lot of hanging in my closet like a long one in picture for full length suits or gowns and short one for tops and jeans
Maximum storage wardrobe for Women

Maximum Storage wardrobe for Men

A wardrobe design that I loved the most, the doors the color just everything.

Liked the concept of slider doors going inside the wall. Elegant Finished look.
Another Elegant design
Similar to what I designed for myself.
Inspired from all, this is what I designed for myself. Suggestions are welcome. If you think I have missed storage for something, do let me know. Also, in case you are wondering where will my husband's stuff go; he is getting his own complete wardrobe designed in bathroom. Will share that as and when the work starts for the same.

Layout for the one I designed. Sizes are done according to my needs :D
Ohh and this is going to be a three door slider one

Do let me know if you would like to see more such posts in future.

p.s. : Images do not belong to me until and unless they have my blog name or logo mentioned on it.

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  1. I liked option 4 & 5. But personally there is nothing better than a walk-in closet!

    1. Ohh !! nothing can be compared to a walk in wardrobe. But the space we had limited us to a normal wardrobe :D

    2. Agreed! But what you have planned is also appealing! :)