Website Review : PrettySecrets

When it comes to online shopping I am very choosy. I have number of criterias to judge if a site falls in my online shopping list or not. You have already read my online shopping sites in India vol.1 and slowly and steadily I am building my vol.2. A site has to be worth it to share it with you guys and PrettySecrets is one of them.

PrettySecrets is an Online Lingerie brand and shopping store in India that has made it to my favorites list.Why ? Read on to find out.

1. Wide Variety: Huge variety from shape-wears to lingerie to dresses to nightwear in multiple prints and colors. Generally an online store collaborates with various brands and sell their stuff online whereas at PrettySecrets along with various brands has its own brand named "PrettySecrets" which covers very unique and hot collection.

2. Size Guide: A very elaborate size guide so that whatever you buy fits you perfectly. This guide also helps you to know your exact bust size.

Out of the huge collection I ordered for a Black-Gold Safari Shift Dress, Shapewear and PrettySecrets White Washing Basket.

Delivery Speed: 

Delivery was super quick. I ordered stuff on 29 Nov. 2013(Friday) and it was delivered at my doorsteps on 3 Dec.2013(Tuesday) which included weekend. So 5 out of 5 stars for that :D

Customer Care Service: 

okay !! No body ever called me up to check if the package reached me safely or not.
But they did !! yes the people out at PrettySecrets are that sweet.


A very important aspect for me when buying clothes online especially lingerie is quality. This was the point I examined them on and they did not disappoint. Tummy Tucker and Dress is made of very fine and superior quality; hence they PASS my test.So again 5 out of 5 for same.(Basket is yet to be tried, will review that soon)


They have the cutest packaging on earth. Everything was separately packed in transparent sheets and then placed together in cute pink box. Accompanying it was a thank you note which makes the association personal.And Yes !! the content details are not mentioned on the exterior to keep it private.Hence no one would know what have you received :p (you can check in picture above)

Return Response: 

PrettySecrets did not give me chance to return. Everything was just perfect. Accurate enough to what is mentioned on website.

Overall Verdict: 

An absolute YES !!
If you want to buy lingerie, dress, shape-wear or workout wear or nightwear or swimwear (and much more) I would certainly suggest you this website. It has variety, quality and stands true what it says.

Note: I was given a voucher to shop. I really like the fact that they did not chose the stuff themselves by which they could easily send best of their products and gave me the freedom to choose and test the products the way I want to; proving how sure they are of their quality and products. Brownie points from my side.*thumbs up*

Have you ordered anything from them before ? If yes, how was your experience ? Do leave your reviews in comments below.

                                              ~Live Love Laugh~