DIY: Makeup box

During wedding one of the major unavoidable expenditure is on The sweets box and invitation cards that are to be sent to near and dear one's.And what happens when we receive a box we shift sweets to a container, keep the card aside and throw off the box in bin. The box which was made with effort,love and lot of money ultimately finds it place in garbage.

I received one such box which was hot pink in color and sturdy. I basically did not want to throw it so this is what I did; converted it in a makeup box yaaaaayyy !! Have a look.

Before that, 3 points to keep in mind while doing this DIY:
1. Make sure the box is sturdy enough.
2. More the number of compartments, more organised the stuff will be.
3. Opt for some bright color or decorate the outer area to make it more girly and cute. 

I forgot to click the before pictures to show how the box looked before I did all my alterations. But I shall explain to give an overview of what have I done. Left partition had sweets and right one had 2 Invite cards placed on top of built in box.
For the left one all I had to do was take out all the sweets and for right one I hat to cut the built in box using scissor and the placed a plain thick sheet below.

And now I have all my lipsticks etc in left compartment and right one has cotton balls, brushes and sponges. So all in all when I need to get ready I take out the box, select what all to use and done.I am ready.

                                                           ~Live Love Laugh~

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