5 Easy Nail Art Designs- the IT Girl Loves

While surfing during my free time I came across number of nail art designs. I really like doing them they fetch me some great compliments and are a good conversation starter.

Have a look and in case you try any of these do let me know how they turned out to be. I will be sharing mine super soon :D

Note: Pictures are not mine, I found them while surfing various websites as mentioned above.

Nail Art
Cute ??

Nail Art
I have tried it before but failed.Thinking of giving it a shot once again.

Nail ARt
Colorful Stripes. 

Black and Silver
Simple, pretty and chic :D

Pink Nail art
hmmm, this is a little tricky, Have you tried it before ?

Also, check out Dog Paws Nail Art and Newspaper Nail Art  for more designs.

                                                         ~Live Love Laugh~


  1. I love the french tip so i really wouldn't mind trying the french glitter one!

  2. Loved the colourful stripes nails..good research.

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