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I love celebrating every occasion whether it be anniversaries, valentine, diwali or birthday's just anything. And even if there is no occasion nearby and I feel like celebrating something, I discover one and we partyyyy !! ya this is how crazy I am.

As much as I love making my days special, I also love making my loved ones days special. I love doing something creative and exclusive for them which brings a huge smile on their face and that is what the actual motive of all this is.

So today I am letting my creativity flow and give you tips on how to make your loved ones 25th celebration special, be it birthday or parents 25th anniversary because I believe 25th is a benchmark in life just like 16 or 18 or 50 is, ya the same way :p

25th Celebration Ideas

1. 25 Gifts for 25th: If it is 25th birthday/anniversary of someone special in your life then gift him/her/them 25 Gifts. To make it more interesting, start 25 days early and greet him/her/them with a gift every midnight/early morning before they wake up with a gift and note beside them. It makes the complete experience romantic and special.
Now you ask; we cannot think of one thing to gift how in this world are we going to decide about 25 things ? For that wait for my next post. I will share my list of 25 gifts that you can buy for your husband/wife.

2. A trip: What better than planning a getaway from all the worries and domestic day to day problems.Plan a big or a small weekend trip; anyway that suits. If you cannot go out of the city, you can surprise your partner by booking stay at a 5 star resort for a day with spa and pool facilities. So chillax besides a pool with your partner, forget the worries, sip on a mocktail and rejuvenate yourself. Luxuuuurrryyyyyyyyyyy.....

3. Romantic packages: Almost every 5-star now have a romantic package available which includes various facilities like couple spa, candle light dinner or a movie night out in a lawn. Look for packages like these one in a resort near you or if not available ask them if it can be arranged and customized according to you. Where there is a will, there is a WAY..

4. Throw a party: Yeah, this is the easiest and most common on the list. Organize a surprise party or throw a party for your loved ones. Fun. fun. fun.Enjoy you day !!

I hope you like these ideas, will keep sharing as the creativity flows. So stay tuned here for more such ideas.
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Hope to see you more often.

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