Movie Review: Gunday

Movie: Gunday

  • Acting: All three of them did a good job. Though at some points I found Ranveer Singh doing a little bit of over acting. He was putting an extra effort while delivering his dialogues which is a mere distraction.
    Priyanka and Ranveer both were looking smoking hot whereas Arjun did not attract that much of my attention though his acting was pretty good.   

  • Music: I did not like the music at all. Except one or two dancing numbers there is nothing special about the music.

  • Story: For me, it was very predictable story. From beginning I knew what is going to happen. The twist and turns story would take can easily be guessed because we have already seen something like that gazillion times before.
  • Overall Review: Good entertainer. One time watch. I would not want to watch it again. It has everything that makes up a good typical Bollywood film like romance,action, drama,item number,script,bro-mance twists; almost everything. Best part about the movie was Arjun and Ranveer's chemistry.Watch for the same or it can easily be skipped since it has nothing extra special. 

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    1. yeah !! except the bromance their is nothing worth it.

  2. very boring :( feel like i m watching some 80s movie with same suspense and story
    PS life

    1. I know, there is nothing new in the movie.