The IT Girl Picks: Top 5 products from PrettySecrets

Out of so many wonderful products when I was asked to choose my top 5, I knew I am in real trouble. Seriously, only 5 ? Anyways, after strolling through complete website here are my 5 favorite picks which are maximum pink :p

1. Swimsuit: This pink net Swimsuit from PrettySecrets will give you an extra reason to escape this scorching heat. Lovely bright color and stylish, what more does one need to beat this heat.

2. Tummy Tucker: I own same tummy tucker in black and I tell you its does its job really well. The biggest advantage of this compared to other tummy tuckers I own is that it is extremely light weight, hence easy to wear in summers. The others I have are made of quite thick fabric which makes it impossible for me to wear them everyday.

3. Nightwear Set: Comfortable nightwear is something that I crave for. This shorts set is comfortable, colorful and girly. So fulfills all my requirements.

4. Sleepshirt: Ohh, why this one because of three reasons, first its pink my favorite, second it is so comfortable and third it has my motto of life written on it, you see ending words of my every post.

5. Sports Bra: I am a complete fitness freak and this pink sports bra from Enamor is just perfect for high intensity workout and will also make you feel beautiful while you workout.

 p.s.: You can read my shopping experience from PrettySecrets here.

                                                     ~Live Love Laugh~

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  1. Love the swimsuit n nightwear set.

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