Technology Review: Huawei Power-Fi E8231 Data Card

Whenever I go for any vacations or for stay at my maternal place, I always miss my all time internet connection. I have a broadband Wifi at home which is pretty much what I need so I do not have a good mobile data plan. Hence I needed something which can provide me internet connectivity on the go, be it vacations or back home or even in car.

So after surfing a lot I came across this device which creates a Wi-Fi zone when plugged in any USB adapter and this is what exactly I needed. So during amazon sale it's price dropped and without wasting a second I ordered it. 

I have already reviewed Amazon but I would still like to mention it has the fastest delivery speed possible. I received this device in flat 3 days in a small town where 1 week is normal for any product delivery be it through any website. 

Now I coming to the review of Huawei Power-Fi E8231 Data Card, I have divided it into various segments for the ease of understanding.

Setup: I bought a tata docomo sim and inserted it in the device. Activated a data plan on sim. Once my sim activated and was ready to use I inserted the device in my laptop. It took such 30 seconds to initiate a program and device was installed. Password for Wifi connectivity was written on back of device and one can change that using a software program that was initiated on laptop.
Hence the setup was very easy and took just one minute. Hence, 5/5 for them.

You can check out complete installation process here

Customer Service: Since I was not able to find the default Wi-Fi password I called up customer care and was happy to receive a prompt reply which solved my issue. Hence, 5/5 for them.

Performance, Range and Speed: Now coming to performance. Range is quite decent. I think if you are using it for purpose of use within a room or next to it then it is fine but if you are depending on it to provide Wi-Fi connectivity to complete house then NO - NO. So for range I would rate it around 3/5

Coming to speed, it gives a speed of 1 Mbps if you are near to device. Farther you go slower the speed.

Price: I think it is priced at Rs. 2599 and I got it for 1699. Worth the price for sure. It is available at even lower price here

Overall Review: From my point of view it is an apt device if you need internet connectivity on the go. Good speed, nominal range, easy to install, reasonably priced and superb customer service. Hence, I would definately suggest you to buy this if you need one. Though there are many other options available in market as well which confuses me a lot so I think I would always stick to it.


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