Classic Combii

Heylo angels ,

Today was a very unique day . Firstly I cooked for the first time today in my new house.  I made red sauce pasta and tomorrow i am planning to make a pizza and black forest pudding ( I am making all this because my parents are not in town so we are partying for a week :D yayyyy !!)

Secondly I did a blunder. I got 200 rupees back from a discount and i lost it somewhere in shopping
(See what shopping does to me , so careless of me)  I was so happy to get the discount but it was not in my "kismat" so gone.

Anyways ending with my stupid stories, have a look at pictures.
This is what I wore to my mommys house (my nephew bhavyam doesnt recognise me in sarees and suits , so wore jeans ).

Photographer : My dearest hubby :D

p.s. : Combii in my language means combination

~ Live love laugh  ~


  1. IT Girl :)
    nice :)

  2. Your hubby is a really good photographer. Pics are really nice.

    I'm following you now.

  3. LOVE the blazer! :) OH and you're the first engineer i've come across who's into blogging! :D I'm a computer engineer :D Looks like we engineers are very versatile ;)

    Great blog and great pictures :D


    1. Haha !! for sure !! engineers rock !! and thanks.