Shape Up for Singapore

I am going to singapore for my honeymoon after a month i.e. on 10th  february (super excited). So there are many lists to be made, shopping to be done and most important loose weight in order to look my best. (Already waiting for my trip)

Lemme know if you have any suggestions regarding the places to visit there or any easy way out to loose weight in a month :p

This is what i wore today :

                                            Love the pink shade of nails.( Try n focus to see it lol)

Also starting my fitness regime for a month if anyone wish to accompany me are welcome :
NO SWEETS (includes any extra sweets we have after meals, chocolates and added sugar)
Atleast one fruit a day
8 glasses of water ( or 2 bottles of water). yes, also no cold drinks at all.
No Oil on chapatis.
Very Light Dinner (most important.)
2 glasses of milk a day

Breakfast :
Milk without sugar and poha or daliya or kelloges (no parathas)

Lunch :
2 chapatis with whatever is made at home.( mom will kill me if i ask her to make something else for me or reduce my no of chapatis)

Snack :
Any Fruit

Dinner :
One chapati.

Try eating no junk food (least possible for me but will try my best)
Starting it from tomorrow. Lets see how much i can follow. wish me luck.

Live Laugh Love


  1. You look lovely, just like this Mukta :) Dont over-eat anything, but do eat healthily to keep up your stamina :)
    You're so lucky to be going to Singapore - Have a great honeymoon :D

  2. The trench looks so pretty! :) Have a good time! :)


  3. Love the trench coat! Have a great trip! :)

  4. I like the trench coat. Please have lots of veggies. They should be steamed and cooked in Olive oil. Include proteins in your day like eggs, chicken or paneer made from skimmed milk. Low fat dairy should be used. Have bajra or jowar chapatis and oatmeal.

    Eat six times a day..small frequent meals.


  5. @sunkissed : thanks dear .
    @a lot like fashion : thank you.
    @thegirlatfirstavenue : Thank you !!
    @megha : thank you so much for suggestion. I am trying all my level best :D