Heylo pretty girls ,

Today I 'll be a little philosophical so read on and i hope you dont get bore :p.
Complexities , regrets and jealousy are few negative emotions that exist in every human being and so does in ME. Yes I feel jealous, regret few things and have a complexities but thats supposed to complete a human life. If everything becomes perfect in life , you wont have that craziness for life . Also I ll get soooooo bore from life :p

For me the biggest complex was me being fat but now I don't care. Now that doesn't mean I' ll eat anything anytime I want and blow up like a balloon but I ll not become so self conscious and will accept my body as it is . Wear clothes that will make me look 'n' feel good and confident because the way you feel is the way you look .

Trust me try it . Don't let your complexity overburden  you rather do something to get that negative emotion out of your life .You'll feel a lot better and will have a positive thinking.

I tried and wore this long cardigan which i thought makes me look very fat but I myself felt good and cozy in it so tried it. I think it turned out well and I dont look that fat , its just my belief :p (Wah !! I can make myself feel so good. hahaha )

                                                                       ~Live Love Laugh~