I am becoming very lazy due to all these vacations *sober me, vacations are spoiling me its not my fault*. Beginning years of my marriage life are going amazing ( i don't know about future) , I am having a blast.
I'll share my singaporeeeeee pictures (only few :p) with you guys soon but before that I'll share my Agra experience.

It was a family trip , had a function to attend there from my mom in law's side relatives. Ohh !! it was so exhausting, greeting people with a big smile when you don't even know the person, forcefully taking interest in their boring topics and on the top most frustrating part wearing my wedding lehnga for the marriage of person whom i met for first time in my life.

I tell you few things which were so frustrating , but I couldn't help it but keep quiet being a new bride :p
1. You need to wear what you don't want.
2. You will be asked to do make up till you become a clown, wear dark eyes make up and then dark lips too and yes dark blush (and you cannot say a NO to you anyone out there)
3.You need to eat what they offer you all the time else they will feel bad and call you a "nakhrelu".

You need to walk, talk, look and eat like they want ... *aaaaaaaa shouting hard* But anyways after all this we(me and my lovely family) managed to dig out some time and go site seeing. After all Agra has one of the wonders of the world , how can one miss it.

Sharing with you pictures of two symbols of love, one Taj Mahal and other me and my hubby *blush*
I wore this red dress here (in last picture) for a party and here I wore it like a tunic with leggings, long coat and flats. (Tell me if you liked the change)

Me (picture taken while taking a camel ride)

The symbol of love Taj Mahal 

Both symbols of love together :D :p :D (smile with 32 teethes)

Me and my family & relatives

we both posing :p 

The sad , tired and frustrated me ( koi toh daya karo)

And finally a nice photography trick. Taj Mahal through my eyes.

~Live Love Laugh~


  1. Absolutely lovely pictures:-)
    well, reading to your post about how you need to do things you don't want to, absolutely reminds me of my sister who just got married:-)Guess, everyone has to deal with it!


    1. Ya I agree !! everyone has to deal with it. Thanks for dropping by :D

  2. like ure post, so candid!!!

    Its ok, matter of time, then things will get back to normal and you can choose to do what you want. Enjoy being a new bride and embrace all the changes.

  3. Both symbols of love together...was my fav pic :) You look good together!!

    Hope you check out my new post too :)

    1. Thank you so much !!
      yeah checked out :D

  4. wow lovelyyy post...found u through ifb..u have a gr8 bloggg mukta following uuu...n ya u r very prettyyyyy