Pink-Purple and Bluesss

Hey Angels,

Aren't there times when you get fat due to any vacation or due to those late night dinners at your relatives or with your husband at romantic night outs or due to indulgence in mid night snacks and the list can go on and on.... (for me). There can be so many excuses to indulge yourself in yummy food but results are shown later on(or is it only me). This is what I am feeling guilty about now a days. I can see my belly distinctly when i wear my old tops, feel as if I am 3 months pregnant lady (only example i could find) and can feel my jeans getting tight*sigh*. This is the time I need to realize vacation is over.

I am not trying new clothes now a days thinking they won't look good on me and feel tight from all sides, in short I am not comfortable in them now. So i wear kurtis to hide my fat. So bad na !! I really need to do something so that I can again wear my pretty pretty clothes, I Miss them :(.
Anyways enough of crying i am not gonna loose weight by writing post I know, So from march I am controlling all my diet again ( I hope it works). Steps to follow :

  • No sweets ( I' ll finish all my chocolates in 2 days :p, so difficult to leave them )
  • Avoid as much as sugar I can.
  • No Fried snacks.(No chips also)
  • No cold drinks (Most difficult one !! I tell you)
  • Start 15 mins of skipping (atleast)
  • Junk food once a week (Maybe sunday, and ya just one time, need to explain my self so much)
  • Last but most important WATER, 2 bottles a day !!

I will join gym from April, because going to mommy's place in march. But no worries I'll stick to the rules.
Okay coming to the pictues this is how I wore my first colored jeans (color is something pink-purple)

Location : Kempty Falls, Mussourie

~Live Love Laugh ~


  1. you are looking cute...loved the jeans ! <3


  2. hey thnks for commentinn on my blog! love d pics beautiful locations! :)
    im ur new follower n hope u follow me back! :)
    chk new post on my blog!! :)

    1. hey m already following you :D
      and thank you so much !!

  3. I like ur pants! :)
    N No Junk food for sure.. nt even once a week..maybe once a month is okayy.. N less of potatoes and rice.. dats what my gym instructor told me :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment dear :)
    New post is up <3


    1. Thanks !!
      I m surely standing by what you say :D

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself Mukta. Its great that you have planned your diet rules. try to stick to it, but we can always break a rule or two. after all, we are just human. i hope you get what you want. i am loving your lipstick shade. I have yet to try colored pants. I am a lil afraid to try them. take care.

    1. Thank you !! Ya do try the coloured pants they look fab on you.

  5. Ur not looking fat at all....ur looking really cute... :)
    n nice tips....will try to follow them...