Valentine Week.. !!

Hey lovelies,

Valentine week is around the corner , are you all  ready to make your loved ones feel the most special person on this planet.

I know many of you don't believe in Valentines but I do. I feel its time you can express your love to your dear ones(can be anyone you love, mom, dad, brother, just anyone) which we forget to do in our daily hectic lives.

So here are few ideas which can help you fetch ideas to make your loved ones feel special :

7th  Feb -- Rose Day :  Send a bouquet of roses with one artificial rose in center. Attach a card with it saying "I will Love you till the rose in center withers" :D

8th Feb -- Propose Day : Write a short proposal note and put it in a small jar. Its simple and really sweet.

9th Feb -- Chocolate Day : Ohh this is the easiest day . Gift him/her their favourite chocolates. or better make chocolates yourself for them (you can easily find a recipe googling, if not contact me i can send you one). Something in which you put your love is always appreciated.

10th Feb -- Teddy Day : Gift a Teddy or a showpiece with two teddies one girl and one boy. It looks cute.

This looked exactly like what I gifted (picture : google)

11th Feb -- Promise Day : Now this is something you wont need advice on. Make a love promise or better leave one of your bad habits as a promise for your loved one.

12th Feb -- Kiss Day : Ohh I dont have to mention anything about this day. Guys will forget all other days but will surely remember this one (hahaha) But in case you want to give something on this day there are cute pillows in shape of a kiss you can try that.

13th Feb -- Hug Day : Give a tight hug . No- not a normal one but one of those pick me up off my feet squeeze me tight spin me round hurts my tummy but still makes me smile, gives me butterflies, makes me giggle, stupidly kind of hug.

14th Feb -- Valentines Day : And finally Valentines, Movie, Walk and a Candle light dinner is my favorite option. Rest one more idea is Make a card saying 101 Reasons Why I LOVE YOU.

I made a card 51 Reasons Why I Love You (coz i couldn't find 101 reasons hahahaha) , by making 51 separate sheets and tying them together. It turned out beautiful.

p.s. : All the ideas I have mentioned above are practically implemented on my fiance last year and now my husband (don't be confused, we had one year loooong courtship time :D :D)

Try and let me know how did they turn out to be.

                                                                        ~Live Love Laugh ~


  1. Absolutely sweet! wishing you and your partner many more years of love!

  2. Really sweet ideas! Hope you have an awesome V-day this year too!


    1. Thank You !! :)
      Hoping the same for you.

  3. So sweet! Looks like February is a month of love, giveaway and colors like pink and red :)

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    1. Thank you !! wil surely enter your giveaway :D

  4. Great ideas!! Wish you A Happy V-Day in advance :)

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  5. Love it all.

  6. Such cute ideas! I love your blog! It's great seeing fellow desi bloggers!
    I am following your blog, please follow back!


    1. Hey thanks for dropping by. Ya surely will follow you.
      Hope to stay in touch :D

  7. Hope you had a lovely valentines day with your hubby :)

    Following back now !
    From your pictures it seems your shoulders are wider than your hips so you could be an inverted triangle , but again pictures can lie so analyse yourself :)


    1. Hmmm... Now more confused :p
      Anyways will try and find out soon :D

  8. I like the 51 reasons thing...maybe next year:)