Dress up : for yourself or others ??

Question :  Do you dress up for others or for yourself ? You dress up so that it makes you feel good or to look nice for some one else to admire you?

Morning you start thinking what to wear, finally end up with an outfit. Dress up and are ready to go. As soon as you step out, your husband/mother/brother (any close one for that matter) says the outfit is not looking good. But you love the outfit. Will you change it or not?
How I came up to the question ?? Will let you know in next post. Please leave in your answers for now, and wait for next post to come.

Fitness :
Two weeks of gym came to end with no results :( I am not able to control late night dinners, so difficult, specially when I belong to punjabi family where twice a week we end up eating in restaurant . I think I have to put some extra effort, So from today I am going to follow this schedule for 5 weeks from now, let see see where I end up. Daily updates on my facebook page. Follow with me, lets see how much we loose ??

Dressing up nails :
I always try my hands on easy ones, but they look cute. Isn't it ?? Today I have tried DOG PAWS nail art. Do let me how they look ?

How to do it :
Apply base coat.
Apply the nail color you wish to.
Make a triangle , acc. to length of your nails.(Make it small if you have short length nails)
Make four dots, first and last being small. (As shown in image, imagine the dog paws :p)
Top coat and finish.

Credit : Cutepolish


  1. I like the nails, looks pretty simple. Should try it! :)
    Cant wait for the next post!

    1. Yay !! pretty simple, try on and let me know how it works for you :D

  2. How cute :) Most of the time I dress up for myself but every once in a while when I know it would make my boyfriend happy, I wear something that he would like me to wear :)

  3. I usually dress up for myself.. But some times, I dress up for or change the outfit for my husband :-) Usually he loves whatever I wear, but it feels nice sometimes to bend to the wishes of someone you love!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  4. I dress up for myself. But recently I wore a saree for my best friends wedding since she asked me to wear one. For that I made some serious efforts to drop a few kgs. All I can say is don't give up on your health fitness routine. There are times when you will drop weight like mad and some days you just don't. Stay focused and you will achieve your goal.
    All the best, may you succeed.
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