Must read for Teenagers

Today was my first day at Gym after a gap of like 6 months and seriously I felt like I was in heaven, on top of world. Doing what you like always makes you happy Isn't it ? , Exercising  is one such thing for me.

Wondering why sweating makes me happy :

--) It takes me one step closer to wearing my favorite clothes once i get slim (*big dream*)
--) It makes my skin glow. Seriously, it does trust me.
--) It keeps me active and positive throughout the day.
--) It makes me feel like I am pampering myself by taking care of my body (going to parlour is not the only option to pamper your body, right ??)

My personal tip : Thinking of going to gym from long time but but difficult to take action.
Go, Join the gym, Do not quit the gym before a month at any cost, after that you yourself will get addicted to it. Give it a try once. SERIOUSLY.

On other note, I would like to share with you guys a incident specially for teenagers.
I recently heard a case of a girl committing suicide, reason, his boyfriend dumped him for another girl. How stupid people can be ? Yes, I am calling the girl stupid not the guy. Common on, She did not think about her parents for once ? Ended up her life for a stupid college crush who did not even value her. I pity these kind of people who does not realize the value of life and love of their close ones.

I sincerely request the teenagers to not take any such stupid steps only because you got fail in paper or your crush dumped you. There are ups and downs, be strong enough to face them and do not act FOOLISHLY EMOTIONAL. And remember Time heals everything, Life goes on !! "Live Laugh Love"

No offences to anyone.

Infb remix :
Coming to outfit, I did not have anything neon in my closet. But then I stumbled upon this suit.There are no rules like traditional clothes not allowed, so why my mind always search for western clothing.Does that happen with you ? So thought of giving it a try. Do let me know your precious views :D

Neon yellow Asymmetrical Suit

My wet hair look :D

Posing :D

Quick shots

My cute colorful floral flats

 P.S. : Noticed the difference, I started off conversation just like that without writing heylo angels, want to know reason read this article  on Infb. See I am so open to positive changes.*wink*


  1. I love the floral print look lovely!

  2. You look cute Mukta .. and Indian attires are always in :)

  3. Ah! Ethnic twists to neon. Nice top! Very pretty! :)

  4. Hi hon, thanks for your kind comment on my blog, and thank you for following. :)

  5. Mukta, you are so right about the story - I find it incredibly stupid when people commit suicide for such trivial, rubbish reasons.
    I love the lipstick & I'm glad that you've added a bit of desi-ness to the InFB remix :)

    1. Thanks !! Yeah even I Know it is so stupid acts that make their parents suffer.