Dressing up (contd..)

I asked question "Do you dress up for others or for yourself ? You dress up so that it makes you feel good or to look nice for some one else to admire you?"

So the story behind why I asked such question :
I was dressing up for a dinner date, I wanted to wear my red jeans, so I teamed it up with yellow top ; and guess what for my surprise my husband did not like the combination, like yellow and red its is such an obvious combination, No ?? *shocked* I was so pissed off and thought why can't I wear what I want, and there originates the question.

This is what few bloggers had to say, and it actually helped me to set my mind.

Sunkissed : Most of the time I dress up for myself but every once in a while when I know it would make my boyfriend happy, I wear something that he would like me to wear :)

Style - Delights : I usually dress up for myself.. But some times, I dress up for or change the outfit for my husband :-) Usually he loves whatever I wear, but it feels nice sometimes to bend to the wishes of someone you love!! 

Fashionpolis : I dress up for myself. But recently I wore a saree for my best friends wedding since she asked me to wear one. 

At end these responses answered my question really well, I was offensive about others opinion on what to wear, but now I will occasionally dress up the way they want me too and try not being offensive. Thank you guys, blog makes you learn so many things Really, Isn't it ?? 

p.s. : Anyhow, I decided to wear the combination when I plan a girls day out. There is always a way out to do what one wants *big smile*

So here comes my dinner date outfit :

                                                           ~ Live Laugh Love ~


  1. I'm glad you learn from your blog :) And want to steal that clutch - its so prettyyyy <3

    1. Thanks !! yeah, thats my favorite too :D

  2. Lovely look Mukta and that clutch is cool !!

  3. loved ur clutch :):)

  4. loved everything! you are an inspiration to new bloggers like me!