Life Snippets

Life Snippets : July 2013 Version

I am just loving this latest section on blog. When I look back and browse through pictures I feel nostalgic, month passes by sooooo fast. Anyways, July was not that exciting for me, except the Jalandhar day out. I got a chance to visit the places where I use to hangout with my friends after bunking college and eat all the chatpata stuff. What memoriess.... :D Wish I had a rewind button but then the memories won't be as special as they are now, so its good the way it is; Agree ?

One of the chatpata things I looveeeee : Aam Papad wala Paan; yes its a pan made with aam papad, imli and crunchy nuts, sounds delicious ? It tastes more delicious than it sounds :D

Make up brushes cleaning spree

July Read, Elle. Currently I am reading cosmo, I tend to switch magazines every month depending on which cover appeals to me. 

My favorite recipe of July : Coriander Pot Noodles

Ohh this is what I liked while window shopping but my husband did not, so did not buy it. Btw, what's your view ?
So, this is what July had in store for me.Stay tuned for more such posts because August one is going to be really special *wish* :p
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                                                                  ~Live Love Laugh~


  1. I agree with your husband on the churidhar dress but I love those pot noodles :D

    1. Ohh ! Glad I did not buy it.
      They were yummyyyy...

  2. The paan looks delish! I miss eating a paan post meal.. Well you have a great blog!