Recipe Post : Falafel - The Labanese Platter

We indians tend to eat international cuisines as a part of snacks and not as a complete meal. In the end its dal,sabzi and roti that satifies us. But internationally people do not eat roti, for them the Chinese meal(authentic) or the pasta and breads are complete meals. Similar kind of meal is Labanese Meal. I recently learnt how to make a Labanese Platter. It includes Falafel, Pita Bread and dips. Step by Step I shall teach complete meal on this blog, so stay tuned lovelies.

For now lets begin with Falafel. You can have it alone as a snack with a dip or even ketchup. So let's start :

Falafel Recipe - Labanese Platter
Falafel Recipe
Now to the pictures the twist in the story is I forgot to take the pictures, as it was over in seconds :p
Don't worry  next time I make it I will click before serving and that will be pretty soon *pinky promise*. But this is how they will look via Google.

source : Google

So for now try the recipe and let me know your reviews. Aaannnnddd don't forget to click and post the pictures on my facebook page, I would love to see them.

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  1. wow nice! this is such an easy recipe for falafel :D

  2. Thanks for sharing dear! :) jus wanted to know about avalability of pita bread in India .....

    1. Thanks ! You can easily get it from a well renowned bakery. Like a shop thats famous for its bread, like nik bakers.