6 Ways to Backup Pictures

There were days when I use to curiously wait for pictures clicked by camera to develop. Though it was a time consuming task but it assured that the pictures would stay with me forever in physical form(natural calamities or loosing them due to carelessness is an exception) But now a days its click, transfer them to computer, browse and forget about it. And then one fine day when computer turns to no talking mode you realize sshhh***ttt! you forgot to take backup and have lost all your favorite clicks !! Then you try your hands on all the softwares that would bring back your cherished moments but all goes in vain. Ultimately you are left with only one option - Forget about it with a realization to have taken a backup on time.

Now before this whole sh*t happens to you, Here I am enlisting down all the options by which you can effectively and efficiently store and backup your pictures.

Online Storage

Applications : 

If you have upgraded your phone to the latest model, then you can download numerous number of applications available in market to take a backup. iCloud storage available for iphone is one such application whereas for Androids try App2SD .

Physical Storage Device : 

Depending upon the amount of memory require to store pictures, you can opt for Pen drive or External Hard Disk.

Burn them :

Obviously I do not literally mean to put all the pictures on fire instead I am talking about burning them to disc i.e. a CD/DVD. Once done, keep them in a safe box. It will take time but do it you'll thank me later.

Print Out : 

I know there are gazillions pictures that you own and if you get on task of printing out each and every picture it will take years. Don't Panic, just select few important ones and get them printed. For example your honeymoon pictures or your anniversary pictures, the ones which you can not even imagine to lose.

Create Something : 

Choose your favorites and create a collage, a slideshow, a video, a scrapbook or a calender. Something that is unique and can be treasured :D

Online Photo Account : 

Upload your pictures online using Dropbox, flickr or picasa web albums. So, in case you loose your physical storage devices, online accounts will come to your rescue.

It's always better to keep backup in as many ways as you can but always make sure to keep backup at atleast two places simultaneously, it reduces your chances to lose data.

I hope you find the article helpful and for those who have not taken any backup, go do it now but just after you leave your reviews in comments below.Also in case of any queries regarding the same, shoot me a mail at muktajain3008@gmail.com/eleganzayway@gmail.com 

                                 Do you know of any other ways ? Share in comments below.
                                                 ~Live Love Laugh~


  1. Can I back up 5000 pictures in picasa? doesn't it reduce the size of the pic and then back it up?
    Also, my total pictures folder is 28GB.. What would be the best option for me? Hard disk? :( I'd have to buy one then

    1. I do not think picasa reduces the size of pictures. If you have 28 GB pictures, store backup in 2 places, buy 1 64 GB pen drive and hard disk. ALso, try and make dvd of important ones :D

  2. Informative post Mukta.. Like an IT person. I stored all the points in mind.. :P Haha whats better than that yet to store your article.
    Congrats on 80 member's.