Movie Review: Queen

  • Acting: In this field it is a clean sweep by Kagna Ranaut. Commendable Performance, you just can't take eyes off her innocent face that makes you smile again and again. Even Lisa Haydon made her mark, though her role was short but she did a complete justice and left me craving more of her (Am I sounding lesbian, NO I am not :p). 
Isn't she HOT ?
All her three friends performance (I don't know there names, but you can see them in picture below) was also very good. Quite satisfactory performance by all. Everyone fits in the role smoothly.

The good looking Russian man took my heart away, aww he is so cutee (See I am not lesbian )

  • Music: The music is good. Not that great that I would want to listen it again and again but not that bad too. Few good dancing numbers that make movie more enjoyable.
  • Story: Innocent story of a desi-girl who deals with heartbreak, which leads to a journey where she discovers herself and meaning of true friendship. the story has it all friendship, romance, drama, music, script and good acting. An easy to predict movie but remarkably executed.  

  • Overall Review: Now what more can I say about this movie. I generally divide movies in three categories 1. I dont like the movie at all 2. I like the movie, it is a one time watch and 3. I looovvvve the movie and I can watch it again and again. Queen belongs to the third category. So here you go,definitely worth a watch. If you dream of living life Queen size, Go watch it on reel life until the dream comes true :D You will definitely come out with a huge smile on your face.

                                                     ~Live Love Laugh~

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  1. Nice review mukta..i m watching this one for sure.