Vegetable Garlic Bread + Healthy version

Now a days I am on a mission to convert every dish I make to its healthy version. My recent victim was Garlic Bread. I bought a loaf of garlic bread because I love Garlic Bread with veggies and not only cheese as generally available in market; so I thought why not to try at home the way I like.

Healthy version requires little tweaks to be done here and there to the otherwise unhealthy version. So first I am sharing with you the basic (unhealthy in my terms) version.

Ingredients :

  • All the veggies: Finely chopped red,yellow and green capsicum , mushrooms and corns (These are what I used, you can use olives or jalapenos as well or any other vegetable you like)

  • Butter (you can also use Amul garlic butter if you like strong garlic flavour)
  • Cheese (Any pizza cheese) 
  • Garlic Bread: You can but a fresh loaf from a bakery shop and cut slices or else do like what I did. I bought Kitty Garlic Bread that is available at any grocery shop.

Method :

Procedure is really simple. In a bowl, melt butter. Take your bread and brush butter on both sides. Mix all chopped veggies and place a scoop on bread slice. Top it off with grated cheese.

Now place the bread in pre heated oven at 180 degree Celsius for approx 7 to 8 minutes or till the cheese melts and turns brown.

Tadaa !! Vegetable Garlic Bread is Ready !

Healthy version of Vegetable Garlic Bread

Now for the healthy version of same.
1. Take freshly baked multigrain bread and brush both sides with very little olive oil.

2. Apply a little garlic paste on one side.
3. Place all vegetables on it.
4. Lastly, top it with grated paneer.
5. Now place it in pre heated Air Fryer for 7 to minutes till base turns crispy.

Healthy version of garlic bread without any cheese and butter is ready.  Enjoy without any guilt.

                                                                   ~Live Love Laugh~


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