2015 has been a very hectic year for me because a) I became a mother and b) We shifted to a new house. I won't say because of this I neglected my blog. I did as much as I could but was not at all consistent which effected my readership to a great level.

I love Blogging I would love to do that every single day but it is so time consuming that I skip it over other things that I have on my list. But trust me in this coming year I much more determined and passionate about Blogging.

I have been working on my new Blog design as well as have hired professionals to do the work. I would unleash the new look super soon. Also, coming to new year resolution and goals, I have only two this time and that is:
1. Writing posts that bring me joy more consistently
2. Staying fit and healthy.

I am doing a continuous effort to eat healthy. I would share my complete journey regarding same in my Blogpost next year which is already scheduled in my drafts.

For now please comment below telling what kind of posts would you like to see more on this Blog.

Coming to my 10 things to do in 2014, I kind of tick marked most of them:

Apart from 3 and 9, all were done. Infact Saving and getting has become a part of my lifestyle because of which I do not have to include it in my to do lists again. You know they are now mandatory for me for every year to come.

This is my way of putting an end to what 2015 has to offer and gearing up for 2016. Bring it on, I am all ready to shine. Leaving you with my favorite shots from 2015

Her touch !

So Tiny, scared to hold.

Us !

Beautiful memories captured !

Her first picture

Her first birthday

                                                                 Happy New Year 2016 
                                                                      Live Love Laugh


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