Fitness Freak !!

I had a nice morning, went for shopping,had lots of fun but then i got a news of my
relative getting medical problems due to her obesity.This gave me sudden realisation that
being fat doesnt only makes you look bad but also opens up way for so many problems(Till
now for me looking bad was only reason to become slim).

I always believe god has made every person unique. There are many things that are given by
god and we can not change it but certainly being fat is not one of those. If we really try
hard we can be fit. Yes, we have to try hard, harder and hardest because this is in our
CONTROL. We cant keep on cribbing about everything in this ine and only life.Be happy,
jump, dance,smile for each new day, god has actaully given us many precious gifts-
shelter, food, lovely family, friends and so many people who loves you and like you the
way you are. I am really thankful to GOD for that. Also we can always find a way out to
make ourselves feel better if we really want to. Life is not that difficult as we make it.
Coming back to point(oh!! what a typing speed)i am sure being fit is not impossible for
anyone in this world. SO STAND UP FOR YOUSELVES PEOPLE.
 Beind sad or depressed doesnt solve any problem neither doest being happy do, but it gives you strength and thats what is important.

I ll tell you incidents which inspired me to write this :

1. After hearing relatives news, dad immediately said life 30 - 40 years ago was very
different, there was so much of physical work that one could digest all oily food , sweets
and junk food. But with time lifestyles changed, point of views changed then why not
eating habbits are changed(Dont only adapt the things which are comfortable for you)

2. Also there is a girl on facebook whom i always used to check out because of her fit
body but now she has growwwnnn soo damm fat after 6 months of marriage ( please god !!
help me i dont want to become fat after marriage). Do anyone have idea why do people
specially ladies get fat after marriage ??? Why Why Why ??. Please let me know so that i
can avoid those things.(Internally am really happy because that bitch who use to flaunt
her body in front of me is now faaaattt *evil laugh*)

Signing off with a happy news. Countdown has begun. 10 days to go and OUR(me and my
fiancee) wedding website is all ready and its locks amazing. I like being colourful , so
is website. You can check ou the website

I lovee this picture :) :)

Leave in comments and your views regarding why people get fat after marriage ??


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