Fashion Newbee !!!

I am a newbie in this glamorous world of fashion (I mean i am just learning art of fashion).Yes true fashion is an art, I always thought fashion to be an easy task but trust me its not easy at all. One needs a lot of confidence to carry an outfit well !!

During my fabulous college life i never gave a second thought to what i am wearing (i was so busy enjoying) till i was in my final year (shows i was not at all intereseted in what i was wearing).I always gazed through my wardrobe 15 mins before leaving wear, what comes in my hand, make my hair, wear my daily shoes .. Done. I cant imagine i was so boring. Anyways i am sure i am going to learn this art soon.

For a start i am going to follow few outfits i have in my mind(simple ones), lets see if i can carry it off[i am sure i will be positive *smile*] :

1.Try a plain white shirt tucked in denims (blue or black) with a belt in bold colour(like red) and black heels.
2.Accesorize any of your normal daily wear with bangles, neckpeices or belts (whatever u like)
3.Wear LBD in some different way like with contrasting heels or tights , broad belts or anything creative you want, just add a pop of colour to it.
4.Once try a coloured leggings or jeans or jeggings.
5. Try a bold colour jacket. 

P.s. Whatever you wear just be sure you are comfortable with it.
Click pictures of each outfit, see the difference. So who is gonna try these outfits with me ??

Guess what i have already started with the task. So curious i am , so here it goes :

Shirt and denims with broad knot tied red belt. I know photography should be improved will take care of that next time . (Heels are missing)

First time wore tucked in shirt always it will make me look fat
p.s. Actually the shirt i am wearing is my brothers long night kurta



  1. Heyy.. cute shirt.. :) I have been meaning to buy a white shirt..
    Thanks for visiting my blog n fr ur wonderful comment.. v share the common blog background :D
    M glad you agree about life.. it is gr8 :)
    N welcome to the blogging world..

  2. Hi, welcome to fashion blogging, It's going to be a fun adventure!
    Nice outfit ideas, I think a white shirt with a pair of good-fitting jeans is a no-fail outfit. And...please don't say you may look fat - not a chance! you are fabulous!