The IT Girl Travel Series : Dubai - Attractions & Time to visit Dubai

Dubai is trying super hard to become a city of superlatives; highest, fastest,biggest and tallest.It is growing immensely day by day. I felt I would get sprain in my neck since I was continuously staring at skyscrapers. Not for a moment I could take my eyes off the beautiful infrastructure, harmonized traffic and of course Hi-Tech Cars.It is definitely a city that has risen from ashes read: desert.

Dubai Skyscapers

Pink Love <3 If I own a car like this I would literally live in it.

If you want to go shopping,partying,sun bathing,fine dining or sporting events,Dubai is the destination.It is a perfect for a short break. For fashion bloggers or shopping freaks like us it is a heaven.

Time to visit Dubai :

If you are visiting Dubai for sole purpose of relaxation and site-seeing, go in months from December to March but if you are going for shopping pleasures go from mid January to mid February i.e. The Shopping Festival. During this duration Dubai is a completely different city. People from all over the world come there for shopping during that time period because of huge discounts on well renowned brands.

Attractions :

The must visit places according to me in Dubai are : (there is much more to Dubai than what I have mentioned but I am posting about places that I have visited and liked)

  • Burj Khalifa : Tallest Man Made building in world. Spectacular view from the 124th Floor and lift is so fast you reach ground floor in matter of seconds.

Burj Khalifa : Tall, taller and tallest

Hoarding while on way to Burj Khalifa

View from 124th Floor,Burj Khalifa

  • Desert Safari : A must activity in Dubai. From drive in desert to belly dance and other performances. Its mesmerizing.
Desert and Cactus

Destination via Safari, where all performances are done and food is served. 

  • Ski Dubai : Snow world inside a mall. Yes the malls are that big. Covered with snow completely with interesting activities to have fun.
Its cold :D

Penguin Show @Ski Dubai

  • Jumeirah Beach : A beach to relax. Read a novel, listen to good music and just relax.
Jumreirah Beach

  • Gold Souk : For gold lovers, do do go here.
Gold Souk,lets shop :p

  • The Dubai Mall : Only if you want to shop and see a huge huge huge mall.
  • Dolphin Show : Visit once if you want to see dolphins jumping and dance.If you have kids with you they will certainly enjoy it.
Cute dolphins playing :p

  • To Try : Do eat Falafel with Pita bread and hummus, they make it best.

P.S : The post was becoming too long since I have so many pictures to share, so I have divided it into three parts. The second would be about What to wear in Dubai and Where to stay in Dubai. And the last one would be all about my outfits in Dubai. So stay tuned lovelies. I hope you like this one.

                                                        ~Live Love Laugh~


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