Movie Reviews : Ghanchakkar & Jatt-Juliet 2

This is my first movie review over blog. Till now I have reviewed many movies only in brief on facebook page eleganza because I am not that good at reviewing movies since I have no idea about technicalities involved to make a movie. All I know about movie is: Has it entertained me or not ? that is it !! Anyways this time I thought to give it a go on blog so that I can reach out to masses and also, slowly and steadily I shall learn the skill. Everything needs a start, so here I go :
I saw two movies over the weekend (yeah, that awesome the weekend was) :

Ghanchakkar :

  • Acting : Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan acted really well. Did total justice to the role.
  • Story : Very bad and useless story. I sometimes wonder why do people even think of making such movies.
  • Music : Songs did not appeal me at all.
  • Overall review : This category entirely depends on one thing for me. Did the movie entertain me and kept me hooked all the while or not.Ghanchakkar is a uselessly stretched movie which did not entertain me even for a second. All I wanted to do was run out of the theatre.In short, wasted 150 mins.

Jatt & Juliet 2 : 

---> Punjabi Comedy movie.

  • Acting : Diljit singh and Neeru Bajwa acted well.
  • Story : Simple nice easy going story.
  • Music : I am not fan of punjabi songs except that of yo yo honey singh, so no idea in that field.
  • Overall review : A nice clean, light-romantic funny movie. I was laughing hard throughout the movie. It definately kept me and my family completely entertained. Total paisa vasool movie. Must watch if you are a fan of punjabi movies.

                                                            ~Live Love Laugh~


  1. Slow movie. For a movie like this, the pace needs to be faster. This was too slow. Had few moments, however seemed to be quite stretched.

    1. yeah !! Also the ending could have been much better !