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I am back with this weeks dose of Links I love . You can check out my previous list of Links I Love

Also, if you believe Green Tea is magic potion which will help you lose weight instantly, see what Nutritionist Rujuta has to say about it, All about Green Tea

  • Beauty - Hair Do : Messy hair-do does not mean direct out of bed hair, it needs lots of styling. Check out the video  Messy Hair Do to learn the art.

  • Food : I read a article recently which explained which of the foods is more healthy out of two not-so healthy food options and found it worth to share. Sometimes we forget the common rules which we could apply to find if we are eating healthy or not, out of all the unhealthy options available. Read the article Food Fight here

If you have any links that you would like to share on the blog, feel free to mail me at eleganzamyway@gmail.com with your details that is Name, email id and any website/blog you own.

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