Life Snippets

While I was penning down this post I was constantly wondering if it would interest my readers or not but then I thought any thing shared from heart would touch you, isn't it ?
June has been a really special month for me. From impromptu trip to friends hangout to family fun; everything made me super happy.
We skipped to shimla for a short trip with friends which was super relaxing and rejuvenating away from this scorching heat. I tell you, I didn't want to come back at all. Anyhow, that can only happen in my dreams so let it be. Sharing with you my favorites this month.
Do let me know in comments if you would like to read such posts in future.

Outfit from Shimla; the only outfit from the trip since rest of the time I was such chillaxing and relaxing :D

My recent purchase : Crystal Pendant from Kazo

Magazine and Green Tea, Perfect Evening <3 Right ?

My favorite from Subway : Salad
I have tried it at home, would post the recipe soon.

I am not that big fan of Doughnuts, but I love chocolate, so I loved the Chocolate Doughnut Simple :D yummy !!

This decoration we did on Mom in law's birthday. Covered the table with roses and candles. Lights off and Candles on,
Surprise Surprise !! :D :D

                                                          ~ Live Love Laugh ~


  1. I love it, sharing small happy moments, would definitely love to read further too!

    New post is up.
    Surabhi :)

  2. Love your shirt in the first pic.. and ohh that salad looks yumm.. I have only tried their sandwiches so far, maybe I will try the salad next time I visit Subway!

    1. Thanks nitika !
      The salad is super yummy :D You should definitely give it a try :D

  3. You look lovely and such a nice gesture for mil.
    New post up at