Pregnancy Series: Third Trimester

I was quite restless in my third semester, since my weight increased exponentially in this trimester. Carrying my body weight seemed quite a task. Also, due to lot of movement sound sleep was kinda impossible.

1. Gained almost 10kgs in this trimester.
2. Intensive pain in legs and heartburn.
3. Vomiting was quite occasional.
4. Lots and lots of baby movement. 
5. Had a downward pressure in 8th month as if baby is going to come out right now.
6. I had acne all over my forehead which miraculously faded away after my delivery.
7. My face bloated to twice the size. Though my hands and feet were quite ok. 
8. I had glow in my first trimester but after that I looked pathetic. Since they say baby girl steals their mom's beauty and mine certainly did, haha !

Doctor's Advice:
1. Eat healthy.
2. Regularly take calcium and iron.
3. Keep a check on baby's movement.
4. In 8th month, since I had downward pressure doctor advised me to not to stand for a long time.
    Hence work for 15 minutes and rest.   

1. Hungry at sharp 3 in midnight. So I kept something handy for midnight hunger pangs. Like a banana or few almonds. 
2. Sweets made a comeback but still salted stuff was my favorite.
3. I literally craved for Mc. Donald's french fries.
4. Had every fruit and vegetable with extra salt. Sometimes I would just had a pinch of salt alone.
5. I craved for fruits and coconut water.

Having a high Blood pressure is not good for pregnancy. Hence make sure if you are craving for salt like me, keep a check on it. I had a B.P. machine at home hence kept a regular check. Also, at times I would suppress my salt craving since excess salt is bad for health and leads to bloating. 

For me stretch marks became quite prominent in this trimester. 
Not sure since I could not try it but I have heard applying bio oil from 4th month regularly decreases the stretch marks to quite an extent. Also, make sure not to scratch the itching area. Just rub a soft cloth over it. 

Coming over to outfit. Below is the suit I wore in my last trimester for a religious occasion.

                                                                       ~Live Love Laugh~

Disclaimer: Everything stated above is my personal experience, do consult a doctor before you follow any of the tips mentioned above.


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