Pregnancy Series: Second Trimester

As mentioned in my previous post, I thoroughly enjoyed my second trimester. My husband and brother in law satisfied all my cravings, provided what I wanted was available and timings were apt. Since sometimes I wished to have french fries at 2 a.m. For such craving we use to find an apt alternative available at home and very next day I use to indulge in whatever I like. Also, I started going for walks after dinner during this time.

I gained almost 5 kgs back which I lost in my previous trimester. Hence after second trimester my weight was from where I started. By the way, I gained the maximum in my last trimester. Haha !!

1. Did not like sweets at all instead I craved for salty food.
2. After vomiting throughout my pregnancy I wanted to take a sip of cold drink.
3. Not much fatigue and laziness. Better than first three months.
4. I still use to vomit at-least once a day. Early morning vomiting was fix.
5. Instead of sad I use to  be super duper happy without any reason. Pregnancy hormones, I tell you !

Doctors Advice:
1. To eat as per my hearts content. Eating for two was illogical. Just make sure to eat a little after every two hours.
2. Have atta maggie instead of maida. Doctor also allowed me to have cold drink in limited amount. Just take care you do not consume caffeine in access.
3. Have two glasses of milk a day. It could be cold or hot. It could even be lassi or any milkshake or even curd or Paneer.
4. Had heart burns at night. Sometimes I could not sleep because of that. For that I need to take care of my diet. Reduce the amount of maida and breads. Also, having dinner two hours before bed time helped.
5. Start sleeping mostly on left side so that nutrients could reach my baby.
6. Take sufficient amount of rest in morning. Specially lay down after meals for at-least half hour on left side.

1. Craved for french fries every day.
2. Cold drink and maggie with lots of vegetables. There is a cafe Cake Square near my house, which made onion chilly maggie and I wanted to have it every single day.
3. Few things specially made by my mom.

High Point:
I felt my first movement in my 5th month. I was the best experience of my life. Something moving inside your body is so exciting and amusing.

This printed maxi dress is one of the outfits I wore in my second trimester during my nephew's birthday.

maxi dress printed

printed maxi

                                                                  ~Live Love Laugh~

Disclaimer: Everything stated above is my personal experience, do consult a doctor before you follow any of the tips mentioned above.



  1. You make for such a cute mom, Mukta :)