Product Review: Tangle Teezer

I have been eyeing this tangle teezer from a long time now but was waiting for a great deal on it. Since I felt the amount is quite high for a comb. Recently there was a good sale on Nykaa and I immediately purchased it.


I have seen a lot of international reviews of this product on web but could not find an Indian one. Also, I could not decide which one to buy so I bought which appealed to me most.To know why I bought this one and its review; read below.

Product: Compact Tangle Teezer- The Instant Detangling Hairbrush

Packing: It comes in a sturdy box nicely bubble wrapped.


The one I ordered was compact detangler in pink and black color. There are many versions available and I chose this one particularly because first, I love pink and second, I needed something compact so that I carry it easily in my bag.

Compact Detangling Hairbrush Pink and Black

Price: I got it in sale for Rs. 670/-

Compact Tangle Teezer with Lid

Overall Verdict: I absolutely love it. It is worth the money you spend. Seriously, you won't believe until you use it. I highly recommend this product to every one who face hard time detangling their hair and face hair loss while doing that. You can also use it in shower to comb while conditioning though there is different version available for the same. But I think this is an all in one version of this product.

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