Pregnancy Series: First Trimester

My baby is five months old, so please do not think I am pregnant now. It is just that I was not able to blog those days but I still want to document my pregnancy journey, so that someday my girl could read what all she had done to me.Also, I want to share my experience with you guys.

For me first and last semester were a little tough whereas the second one was quite awesome.
In my husbands words I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy except the last month since I got quite restless then.
Until I experienced it myself, I could never really understand the concept of cravings since I thought one could always control there cravings. But seriously pregnancy causes you to have some weird cravings and you just have to satisfy them else its the only thing that your mind will be busy with till you put them in your mouth. There are times when you love something and then you just don't want to touch it the very next moment. It really happens !!

1. I hated sweets. I felt like vomiting even on sight or smell of sweets.
2. Did not feel like eating anything. Mostly, I had fruits.
3. Felt sleepy all the time.
4. Morning sickness, fatigue and laziness.
5. I use to vomit at-least thrice a day. One as soon as I wake up was fix.
6. Last but not the least, Mood swings. I cried on anything to everything or sometimes even on nothing and was happy without any reason the very next moment. Mostly, I felt sad and depressed, thinking of all the changes that were about to come and how I would handle them.

Doctors Advice:
1. Eat whatever I feel like and how much ever I like. Just make sure to eat every 2 hours, it could be even two biscuits.
2. Avoid sugar-free stuff and ajinomotto
3. Mood swings are very common during first trimester.
(Hence, I got the certificate to shout at anyone any time I want to, perks of being pregnant)
4. Drink lots of water.
5. Have folic acid regularly.
6. Weight loss does not matter until and unless the baby is healthy.

1. I had a weird craving of having water from pink sipper. Ya, I actually got one for my satisfaction.
2. Apart from that I did not crave for anything since I did not feel like eating at all.

High Point:
My first scan and hearing the heart beat for the very first time. the feeling that something is growing inside you is amazing.

I think apart from vomiting there was not much I could feel in my first trimester. I did not gain any weight instead lost 5 kgs due to vomiting and eating less.I took all my medicines regularly and on time. This time was harder for my husband since he had to tolerate my mood swings.So go ask him.

Below is one of the outfits I wore during my first trimester during an outing. Oh! by the way, yes, going out of station is fine till the time your health is ok just take take of jerks and what you eat. Lastly, always consult your doctor for everything.

orange and Beige

how to wear orange
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Party dress

                                                            ~Live Love Laugh~
                                                                  Mukta Jain

Disclaimer: Stated above are all my personal experience, do consult your gynecologist before following any of the suggestions above.  


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