Decor Series: 5 Decor Inspirations

If you read my last post you might know by now that we are building our new residence and I am highly dependent on pinterest and other websites for my inspiration dose.

decor inspiration via homify

From closet to wall/floors, I have relied upon internet for some inspiration. Web has made life so much easier, provided it is used in limits.

Today I want to share my five Decor practical ideas which I loved and have inspired me.

1. Storage under Stairs
After the structure of our residence was done, we realized we do not have a single store. Then one day while browsing I stumbled upon this image and now we have our cute little store just under the stairs similar to one in image below.

Credit: MuraliArchitects

2. Headboard Design
I wanted my headboard to be really simple and cushioned because we have a little kid who bangs her head probably 100 times in it. Finally a design like in the image below was finalized, simple yet elegant.

Credit: Pyka-Leone

3. Book Rack
More than reading books I am obssessed with collecting them. Some day I would proudly want to display my collection like this. Also, it adds a sense of learning for kids with added bonus of being a conversation starter.

Credit:Acastrian Bespoke Fitted Furniture

4. Media Room
This room is on hold since we want to complete the rest of our place shift and once the major part of  the house is done then we can focus on this. But anyhow whenever we want to do it, I want it to look like in the image below.

Credit: Johnny Thomsen Design De Interiores

5 Kitchen
We have a minimalistic kitchen design with off white and brown combination. To get maximum storage we included a pantry in kitchen, not as huge as in image given below but big enough for our use.

Credit: Maple & Gray

All are reference images and I would share my real house images as soon as we shift, may be in next 15 days.

                                                             ~Live Love Laugh~


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