Beauty Talk: Perfecting Base Makeup

Sorry for holding onto the series from so long but I have major shifting going on at my place due to which I could not attend few classes from makeup and styling course and also could not update the blog.
We had a pooja function at our new residence and guess what, I did my complete makeup myself. Yes, starting from base to eye I did it completely. Though it needs lot of improvement which I think will come with practice but for first time I think I did a pretty good job #SelfPraise

theitgirl:How to do Base Makeup

I did not do the hair myself because the classes which I missed were hairstyling ones hence I just could not get hang of it. Anyways after the curl and straightening class, next was perfecting the base makeup class. Below I am sharing a video from youtube which teaches how to perfect base.

Points to Note:
1. Fingers are the best tool for applying makeup. 
2. Do not be afraid of trying anything new.
3. You cannot completely hide an outgrown pimple. But you can hide scars using an apt concealer. To know everything about concealer you can read the article here. It is an article by Shivali, from       whom I took classes. 
4. For foundations, she recommended to mix Loreal true match and Maybelline dream satin smooth.
5. For eye primers, she recommended Inglot one.
6. Always tap the concealer to hide any spot. Do not spread it. 
7. Never dot the entire face with foundation and then blend. Blend while you are applying the product, hence it will become difficult to blend seamlessly. 
8. Apply generous amount of face powder to blur any imperfections. 
9. Always do your eye before you do your face so that any shadow that falls on face can be corrected while doing the base.
10.To avoid getting crease below the eyes, use powder immediately after doing base.

Products that I bought for doing base: 
(I never used foundation before this since I always got my makeup done from Salon for special occasions and for random formal functions I used BB or CC Creams. Ohh ! for everyday basis I use nothing. I use least amount of makeup possible.)

Foundation: Krylon Vitacolor Foundation
Face Powder: Loreal True Match Compact Powder
Concealer: Drema Color Camouflage Creme 

Have any question about base makeup or if you want me to review any of the products mentioned above or any other query, let me know in the comments below.

                                                             ~Live Love Laugh~


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