Beauty Talk: Makeup and Hairstyle Course

I have recently joined a very basic makeup and hairstyle course by Shivali Makeup artist. I will be jotting down everything they teach in the course here, so that it is equally helpful for everyone out here.
Check out the schedule below and stay tuned for all the more updates.

Yesterday was my first day and it was an introductory class. We had a talk over the basics, listing them all below:
1. Sunscreen is very important. Suggestion: Neutrogena Sunscreen.
2. To wash hair correctly. Flip the hair and shampoo the scalp using coin size. It won't make any froth since it would used to clean scalp from all the dirt. Wash it out and then again use shampoo. Now this one will make lot of froth. Massage nicely and if you have long hair spread the front towards the ends. Suggestion: Use professional ones like Tresseme, Loreal and Matrix.
3. Use conditioner on length of hair. Also, if you do not want to use conditioner while washing hair, use leave in conditioner once hair are semi-dry. Suggestion: Loreal Leave in conditioner.
4. Don't rub hair with towel to dry. Just press slightly and then use wide tooth comb to detangle. It will control frizziness.
5. Wash face at-least twice. Follow C-T-M routine.
6. Never use body lotion on face.
7. Night-care routine is really important. Always remove makeup and dirt before sleeping.
8.  To make an under-eye cream, take coconut oil, cut a vitamin E capsule and mix the liquid with oil and store it in fridge. It will turn in an cream like consistency. In summers you can keep it till 3 months and in winters for 6 months. Ratio: 2 spoons coconut oil with one vitamin E capsule.
9. Apply a lacto calamine mask over face (avoid eyes), let it dry and remove using an ice.
10. Trim hair every 3 months and go for hair spa regularly.

I would update this post if I remember anything that they shared and I forgot about.

                                                                  ~Live Love Laugh~
Disclaimer: All things mentioned above are what taight in class. I have not personally tried them. Try and see if method suits you and then proceed. 


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