BEAUTY TALK: How to straighten and curl hair.

After the introductory class, next was to learn how to straighten and curl hair using a flat, as well as curling using an iron rod.Since it was a demonstration class, I picked up few videos from YouTube to show what was being taught in the class.

1. I think straightening is pretty easy and everyone knows it. Just in case you want to see a video for reference, click here

2. How to curl using a straightener, watch the video below.

This video demonstrates 5 kinds of curls you can do using a straightener.

3.  Curling using Curl rod:

Along with this they also taught celebrity flip using an iron, 

This is the only video I could find. In video it is done upwards, whereas she did it a little side wards. It keeps the bags away from face.

This is all she taught in the class. Apart from that. she advised to use hair masks and go for hair spa often to counter-back side effects caused due to heating.
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