5 Cake Ideas for Princess Theme Party

My baby's first birthday is around the corner, so obviously my preparations are in full swing. I would be sharing all deets on this blog as well as my social media channels so do make sure you follow me there.

I have not planned a lavish birthday party for her buy yes, I am going to make it special in my own way. Since she is princess of our family, I am planning to have a princess theme cake for her.
While scrolling through pinterest, these are the designed I finalised which are practical as well as beautiful.

 This one is bonus, just because I could not delete any of these. All these cakes are so pretty, how can one cut them.

                                                                         ~Live Love Laugh~

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  1. These princess cakes are adorable. Is turning 23 too old to have a cute princess cake? I hope not!

    xo, Jenna

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