Pregnancy Photoshoot

I was very excited about my pregnancy. The fact that I will have a baby soon made me nervous and happy. I wanted my pregnancy to be all happy and smooth. Touch wood it was exactly the way I wanted it to be. I enjoyed pampering and lazed around like a boss.

I always wanted to have pregnancy photo-shoot to show my baby. Also, I find maternity photo shoots cute. So since my husband agreed for same we booked for one immediately before he could change his mind. Those cute little shoes and big bump accompanied by glowing face resulted in super cute pictures which will stay memorable forever. I will always cherish those moments through these pictures.

I have chosen my favorites, have a look below:

Let me know which one was your favorite ? Also, if you have done a maternity photo-shoot do link in comments below I love seeing cute pictures.

p.s. I think opting for a photoshoot was  a very nice decision to go for since while scrolling down for pictures for this post I just could not stop smiling.

                                                                 ~Live Love Laugh~

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  1. I loved them all. u looked so cute.