Birthday Outfit: Multi-color Shift Dress

I am an August born which means this post is a  long delayed one. I don't know how people post everything on time while I just tend to forget what I want to post at times. Anyways, I am working on a lot of things these days which I will reveal to you soon.

On this birthday I spent some quality time with my husband within our city. I think I have become a little wiser now. I find no point in going to a destination 100 kms away only to shop and explore some restaurants. So this time I did this all in my own city. Everything is available here but don't know why I was always excited to go some other place and just do nothing.   
Anyways, let me show you my birthday dress. I am still struggling with my post pregnancy weight so I think shift dresses suit my body a lot hence I have been investing in them a lot. They are so easy - breezy and yet dressy.

p.s. : I just do not understand how one loose all pregnancy weight within one year. Like its 11 months I delivered my little girl but I am still stuck on same weight. Any suggestions ? 

                                                                     ~Live Love Laugh~


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