Countdown has begun !!

My post for a month are totally gonna be related to MARRIAGE because less then a month is left for it(OMG!! cannot beleive it, I AM GETTING MARRIED)

As soon as someones marriage gets fix everybody starts giving their piece of advice even if its not asked for(sometimes i am thankfull and other times its so irritating!!).But i believe go with the flow !! and am sure its gonna be rocking.

I am very well aware of the fact that marriage is a big responsibilty but i am loving it, you know new house, new family, new friends, new place WOW !! Its going to be rally cool !! But leaving my home , its so insane and emotional.

29th Nov 2011 is the date and the countdown has begun with lots of mixed emotions.
I am happy,sad,curious,nervous and super excited.I feel i am not so mature enough to take all the responsibilities but with support of my fiancee i think we'll make it.

We(me and my fiancee) have started making a website of our wedding using ewedding, within 10 days it will done ( you'll get to know about it in post soon). Please give me suggestions of what all can be included in it.(I just love all things related to web designing)

Without pictures post seems so boring atleast for me !!
I just love leggings and tights, it adds a oomph factor to a normal outfit.

Wish i could have a better picture of leggings !!

This tunic can also be worn as dress.


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