Fitness !!

My D-day is closer and i dont how these brides get so slim before their marriage and become a problem for people like me. People say one loses weight before marriage due to all tension but it seems I have taken no tension at all !! :) :)

Anyways my college got over in may and marriage was in novemeber, so like others i decided to loose weight till my marriage. But i failed(when will i start controlling my food habbits) and got really pissed off, when out of blue my fiancee made me realise the fact that even if i didnt not loose much atleast i did not gain anything in six months vacation(feels like such a big achievement *Think Positively*). I know my fiancee is really sweet, I eat his head over same issues again and again, still he never get irritated *touchwood* so unlike me.

So now i have decided make few changes in my lifestyle (new life new goals):

1. Never make food souce of happiness (its taste doesnt even remain for more than 15 min), its just source of making your system work well (Most imp).
2. Dont overeat on marriages and dinners at relatives place(Everything there is delicious,unlimited and free, but in the end its your stomache which will suffer).
3. Differentiate between your hunger for food and being thirsty.
4. Dont eat at all after 7pm (Any special occasions are exception)
5. Atleast one fruit a day , it can be any fruit.

Lets start with this first, with time will adapt more changes for a healthy life.(Any suggestions you have please post in as comment)

To make myself feel more good about myself I am posting two pictues showing big change in me :

Me Now !!

Me Before 3 years


  1. Just three days?? You look great!! Have a lovely weekend. <3<3

  2. not three day three years indeed !! thanks you too have a great weekend.