Layering is not that difficult !!

As you all are aware i am in kindergarten when it comes to fashion. So I am trying my best to learn tips from here and there. I am not fond of winters much, it makes me lazy, going out becomes a diificult task, dull colours and last but not least i hate layering clothes, it makes me look fat. But now i am starting to take winters positively (they are actually not so bad atleast i can cuddle up with my fiance "eeehh big smile").

So now i have decided i ll dress up nicely without making myself feel uncomfotable and look fat, in short take winters in high spirits without being lazy (atleast can try :p) . I read few tips in cosmo and want to abide by them . So here I am sharing it with you all :

1. Mix a Maxi Skirt and a Mini Jacket :

2. Pile Bright Colors on Top of Each Other :

3. Rock Your Shorts :
Just because summer's over doesn't mean you have to put your cute shorts in storage. Pair them with a tank, jacket and pumps. On colder days, add tights and swap out the heels for boots.

4. Soften Leather Pants with a Cardigan :
Leather pants are tough to pull off, but if you wear them with a slouchy, grandpa-ish sweater, you won't look like you're trying too hard.

5. Pair an Oversized Sweater with Skinny Jeans :
If you're going to wear a big, comfy top pair it with hugging pants underneath. A distressed pair of boots adds to the cool weekend vibe.

6. Wear a Blazer and Scarf :
An oversized black blazer and a perfectly-wrapped scarf

7. Layer a Black Tee Under a Party Dress
You can take a fancy frock from dressy to daytime—just throw it on over a long-sleeved black T-shirt. This works especially well with a fun print.

Thanks to the sources of information : Cosmopolitan and  googled images.

Also in continuation with my fashion newbee post i tried another outfit numbered 4 according to the previous post  i.e. a colored a leegings. Signing off with the pictures. LIVE LOVE LAUGH

Red Leggings , a tunic and paired it with bangles.

Also to made it funky n sexy , tried on temporary tattoo

Pink heart shape earings.

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