What Face Shape you have ??

I felt to share this test with you. I have illustrated all steps with my own example.

Step 1 : Look closely in mirror pulling your hair backward. Guess the shape from six basic shapes and match it with six basic shape. The one you closely resemble (you can or can not be exactly oval or round) note it down.

Image credit : ohlovelylolo.wordpress.com

Result of Step 1 : For me I found it was either oval , round or heart (my observation)

Step 2: Compare it feature by feature as illustrated below :

Oval face shape:
Wider forehead and prominent cheekbones
Face gracefully tapers to a narrow oval chin

Round Face shape :
Width and height of face shape is almost equal.
Wider at cheeks.

Long Face shape :
Forehead, cheekbones and jawline have almost same width and prominent chin
Since its long it has elongated look

Square Face shape :
Forehead, cheekbones and jawline all about the same width with squared jawline.

Heart face shape :
Wider forehead with a tapering chin

Diamond Face shape
Short forhead and wider temples(side of head behind the temples)

Result of Step 2 : Heart shape rejected since i have no tapering chin, I have an oval chin, so I am left with oval and round.

Step 3 : Mathematical measure :

Measure the length of your face with a ruler.
Divide the total length by 3. (name it first number )
Measure the length from the bottom of your nose to the bottom of your chin.(name it last number)
If the last number is larger than the first number than chances are you have a long face. 
If the last number is less than the first number than chances are you have a round face.
If the last number is equal to the first number than chances are you have an oval face

Result of Step 3 : In my case, face length is 7.5, divide by 3 it is 2.5.
Length from bottom of nose to chin is 2.5 too.
Since both are equal, I end up having oval face. Yaaaayyyy !! I finally found my shape.

Did you like the test ??
I know it seems a lengthy task but trust me it is not. Try and let me know what face shape you have. Once you know your face shape you can google and search the haircut or shades that suit your face shape.

Go ahead find the right one for you gals and let me know how did you find the post !!

P.S. I personally learnt the method from here

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  1. Nice post,very informative. Lovely picture, the colour suits you well. Definitely going to try this now :)


  2. Interesting... dont know what shape my face is..so will try this out ;)


  3. Great post.. I thought my face was Oval.. Nd I measured it using scale, it again comes out to be Oval.. yayy :D : )

  4. Mine is heart shape!


  5. Thanks for your wonderful post :).. I have an oval-round face type :P it keeps changing.. if i gain weight it shifts towards round :P hahhaha

    I have two contests going on Simultaneously!!

    Blog Contest. The prize would be a Forever 21 necklace :)

    Facebook Contest: The prize would be a Forever 21 set of 5 rings :)

    You are welcome to participate in them :)

    1. hahaha !! Thanks yaar you liked the post :D

  6. thanks...great post ......i think i have oval face.... my latest http://cutenailstudio.blogspot.in/2012/03/glitter-rainbow-nails-inspired-by.html