Health Talk: Diet Update-2

I started my diet on Monday, its been 4 days and today is fifth one. Out of those four days first two days I completely followed my diet plan but on third day I had a kitty and birthday party to attend. So my dietician suggested me few changes.

For lunch, she asked me to

  • have snacks since fried is easy to digest in monsoons but avoid sauces - which I did 
  • have fruits 2 hours prior to lunch - which I did
  • skip beans (Rajmah, Chole) - I did not have that
  • stick to exercise routine- which I did
  • have clear soup - was not hungry for that
  • chew every bite at-least 20 times - did not remember, will try next time
  • eat 3/4th of your hunger - I did
  • have one chapati with vegetables- I did

Since I had dinner outside too,
  • Clear Soup - again did not require the need
  • have milk and fruits before going - I did
  • avoid paneer - I did
  • have kebabs and stir fried dishes - I did
  • One roti and veggie, skip dal - I did not have dinner, snacks were enough to fill me up
  • if not roti have rice they are fewer in calories - read point above
  • eat slowly - I did
  • if I need to feed before sleeping have fistful dry fruits- she slept by the time we were home
So on forth day I again managed to eat proper home-made food according to diet plan. 
So, this is the update from my side for past four days, Now coming forward is the toughest part, the weekend. It is super hard to resist temptation on weekends but with the diet that she suggests I think I will manage it,

The only problem I am facing is exercise part which I am getting lazy for. Next week I will be working on the same, So what is your update ? Have you had clean and healthy food ?
Any point you want me to discuss, let me know.

                                                           ~Live Love Laugh~


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