Beauty Talk: Makeup Tutorials (Complete Makeup Guide)

This is the last post for Makeup and Hair-styling Course Series. For those who are new here can check the posts below to know what I am talking about and what all have been covered.

There was a two hour makeup class in which they covered all the basics of makeup.
Starting from base to eyes makeup tutorials to perfecting smokey eye. Everything was taught.

theitgirl: How to do complete face makeup

1. For Base you can check the post here

theitgirl: How to do Base Makeup

2. For eye makeup, points to keep in mind.
  • It is advisable to use an eye primer so that creases are not formed. 
  • If you are beginner start by using neutral shadows so that even if you mess up it won't look very evident. 
  • Always moisturize the eye area 15 minutes before starting the eye makeup.
  • Always do eye before doing face makeup so that any shadow fall outs can be corrected.
  • If you have very prominent dark circles use an orange corrector to hide them. 
  • For medium dark circles or blackish eye corner area use a matching skin tone concealer.    
3. For cheeks, 
  • Use Blush on apples of cheeks. 
  • She taught a little bit of highlighting and contouring. 
  • Use a shade or two darker than your skin tone as bronzer. I uses by dark brown eye shadow for same. 
  • See the video below to know where to apply highlighter and bronzer.

So the procedure for eye makeup goes as, 
1. Moisturize and apply the primer.
2. Conceal and correct your eye area.
3. Apply your eyeshadows. 
4. Blending is the key.
5. Use glitter eyeshadows 
6. Highlight the inner corner using shimmery white eyeshadow, 
You can easily find many eye makeup tutorials on you tube. But you won't perfect the art until you so it your self and this is what the class has helped me to do. 
I am sharing my favorite makeup tutorials below, Enjoy !

If you have any favorite please share in comments below so that even we can check it out. Also, for any other query regarding makeup, feel free to ask me via any social media you prefer. 

Beginner Eye Makeup tips and tricks

Gold Smokey Eye Makeup

A superb in-depth Eye makeup tutorial:

Just in case you want more depth step by step videos, let me know I have links to those also. Leave in comment below and I share with you.

I hope you like the post. next coming up is new series regarding diet I am super excited about, make sure all fitness freaks hang in there. 

                                                             ~Live Love Laugh~


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