Health Talk: Day 1 (Diet Course)

If you are not aware about which diet course I am talking about check the previous post on diet course. As mentioned in that post I was yet to get a diet chart which I have received now. I am sharing the chart below. Also, I would share my journey every Monday and Friday which you can join in. I am tarting from day 1 again, which was yesterday.

Also, if you want to receive the dietitians details or the doc file of diet chart that she mailed to me, feel free to mail me or leave your id in comments below and I shall mail it to you.

I am feeding twice to thrice a day now a days since my baby is 7 months old and she takes her proper 3 meals a day. If you want to know how and what I feed her, do let me know in comments below and I will be happy to share.

Coming to my diet, below is my diet chart for now.

theitgirl: diet chart

I would be telling how my Week has been on Friday. Now that I am answerable I am eating consciously.Try and join in, I am telling you its going to be fun.

                                                     ~Live Love Laugh~



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