Health Talk: Day 1 -2 -3 (Diet Course)

If you follow me on the blog, you definitely know by now that I got blessed with a little princess seven months ago. I enjoyed my nine months completely. Also, after delivery I took utmost care about myself. Regular messages and healthy food was my motto. I had a normal delivery so I had all the panjiri and other stuff that elders make to help you recover soon and give you strength. I believed in every bit of it and had what was given with dedication. Result, though I recovered super soon and felt the stamina as before, I gained weight: Pregnancy as well as after-pregnancy weight.

theitgirl: Diet Course

I tried hard to reduce my weight after six months of delivery but I just could not get control of my eating habits neither I am left with time to go gym. So I joined a dietitian online and planned on exercising at home.

I will be given a proper diet chart on 25th July since dietitian is out of town but she has asked me to make some lifestyle changes which I started implementing from 21st- July - 15) 
Let me tell you in brief what all changes I am asked to do and how much I succeeded.

1. Wind up dinner by 8 max. 
2. Avoid sugar and oily stuff as much as I can. 
3. Have sprouts once a day
4. Have 3 glasses of water empty stomach. No water immediately after meals. 
5. Before Sleeping one glass hot water
6. Himalaya garlic Capsules with lunch and dinner since I am feeding a baby right now.
7. One glass of water before feed. 

For day 1-2-3:
  • I had my dinner by 8 and did not have anything after that, just a glass of hot water.
  • I did not have anything oily though I had something sweet on first day only.
  • Yet to learn how to make sprouts, please guide.
  • Had 2 glasses of water empty stomach.
  • Had hot water before sleeping.
  • Yet to buy capsules.
  • Had a glass of water while feeding.
So for first three days I was pretty consistent. Today is my forth day lets see how it goes. Since I am continuing the diet for 3 months I won't be updating for each day but for 2 or 3 days together so that it does not get monotonous and boring.

I would be updating my struggle towards a healthy lifestyle and how much I succeed in doing that. This way I can document my journey as well as I become answerable thus making less mistakes, I hope. If you want you can hop on this journey along with me and for any doubts let me know I can always get you answers from the best source that I can.

                                                         ~Live Love Laugh~


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