Beauty Talk: Everyday Hairstyles and Braids

I would be combining everyday hairstyles and braiding class. Since you know I missed hairstyling classes, so this was the last hairstyle class I attended.

She taught in total five hairstyles. i could not get hold of even single one. Seriously, the easier they seem in video, the difficult it is to do them single-handedly, atleast for me it is.

1. Rope Braid.

2. Twisted Ponytail

This one is super easy and I can actually do it every-time I make my hair .

3. Messy Romantic Hairstyle:

She taught the first one from the video down below.

3. 5 Strand Braid:

4.Easy Messy Bun

5. Reverse Fish tail braid:
Fish Tale braid is super common by now but what she taught in class was Reverse Fishtail Braid. Watch the video below.


Here ends my Hair styling classes. Though I cannot do even a single hair do without someone's help but one should never stop trying. Do let me know your favorite hair do's .

                                                              ~Live Love Laugh~


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