25th Birthday Celebration

Yes! I am 25 now.
I have always tried to stay a little childish so that I can enjoy the moments completely and stay true to myself and others just like babies. My maturity level generally depends on the situations and the person I am dealing with. But recently I can see myself changing a lot, maybe that is part of growing up or maybe that has something to do with "25" [yeah! When I read somewhere I am 25 years old, I get this responsible and grown up kind of a feeling, its kinda milestone set in my mind.] or maybe the things that life/marriage has taught me with time. Whatever the reasons are ultimately what matters is "I am learning".

Lets see the changes I feel I am going through:

I can listen to people more patiently, though I still have a threshold.
I observe more.
I try and put my heart in things that I don't love to do neither do they harm me but makes my closer ones happy.Being a part of Indian Society, where everything you has an impact on your family members, this is something I am really still learning.  
I am more responsible now at least I feel so.
I make more lists now.
I am much more organized person which explains the point above.
I have found my own way of being happy without any company.
I can judge what is better for me and take decisions accordingly.
I have learnt to say NO.

Unlike the times when I wanted everyone in this world to wish and celebrate/party hard on my birthday, this time I switched off my Facebook birthday notification so that I receive only genuine wishes and celebrated my birthday with my close ones, relaxing and unwinding myself.

This time my hubby took me to Chandigarh which was a surprise I got in morning, you should have seen me I was jumping with joy.Oh, by the way I was getting a surprise daily from week, so it was a Special Birthday Week for me.

In Chandigarh, I shopped my heart out and had lot of fun. We went for a couple dinner alone after ages and what a crazy crowd it was at Peddlers,  In all it was an amazing and a very special birthday "WEEK" for me.

Went to temple, Coconut water early morning,
Birthday Shopping,Chocolate Surprise

Off to Chandigarh :D

Bowling Time, it was fun.

Manchurian with Rice and cold coffee.
It was delicious.

Ready for Dinner

Finally, the birthday pastry.
Friends surprised me at home.

My buddies


                                                                    ~ Live Love Laugh ~


  1. Belated happy birthday girlie - Looks like a fun time :D